Twitter CEO after login text Tweets worst

US: It is especially CEO Jack Dorsey's account, seeks to address the vulnerabilities caused by Wednesday Tweets via text messages to users' ability to fire ceased on Twitter.

Dorsey trick last week, a number of a mobile operator for the so-called "hacker" SIM swap fraud was the target, not only in the public media, which may lead to loss of control, and the bank accounts and other important information.

"This attack via text message by using the identity of two causes" some weakness in recent years to verify the possibility of a record type, losing has become a popular method.

"Do not Tweet, temporary, SMS, or text message for the people turn off the ability to protect," Twitter wrote the group stage.

"Do not, this step is to check the authenticity of the situation, because the cellular operators and two are associated with the phone number of vulnerabilities that must be addressed by relying on us."

San Francisco service users based on the same technology to solve the problem in the long term, tweeting via text message finally back into the market, he added.

And even with security measures in place, serious, Dorsey Attackers his number, the name of religion, taking control of his Twitter, become victims of a shameful compromise.

Dorsey's offensive literally be placed in a number of recovery period, during which a little later.

Some analysts have called hackers easily, especially after the personal information is sold to large base of skills, telecom carriers to a fraudster's account found in a number of ways to obtain enough information to convince them to give to as "dark web."

"Mobile accounts 'text messages, as well as complex hardware means that the atalgan'social engineering' to be held hostage by the move of a mobile service provider assures the recognition of unauthorized phone," R. David, former White Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cyber ​​Security Research Center, headed by House The representative.

"This is only one Dorsey takes a few minutes to experience sexual confusion."

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