SOC films Aagahi series of eight short umu releases

Sharmeen roadside Çinoy, filmmaker, journalist and activist, as well as an Oscar for Excellence (twice), the mission is to inform people of their rights with respect to any matter shall be created for the project Aagahi series. the acid in its eighth animated short film made about the crime. Aamina Sheikh, providing the vocals, the eighth "special harm to another person with acid inform viewers about the different types of crime," the purpose of a short press imprisonment, including Pakistan's legal system is unmounted acid and other corrosive chemicals, illegal use and sale of 1 million fine or punishment for all those discussed above. Also, If he was involved, and after the film invites you to adopt the safety measures. various helplines, women's shelters available to survivors of acid attacks and legal support services for communication, information and nurturance By üçülörgö end. "

Planned as part of the total of 14 shorts, conceptualized Aagahi Series, Sharmeen produced roadside Çinoy and lively and oriented.

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