California after a dive boat, disaster recovery 33

Los Angeles: Rescue California coast, oxygen-diving boat accident 33 bodies, authorities said one person remains missing on Wednesday.

Rescue workers search for survivors was suspended Tuesday and sank in about 66 feet (20 meters) to free trapped passengers, including work, as well as to determine the cause of the damage.

Under the remains of 11 women and nine men roaring red 75-foot deck with Design fire early Monday, the iron was found after the sinking of the passenger.

Divers in charge of the investigation, according to the Santa Barbara County sheriff's department found 13 other bodies.

In order to determine the DNA of all waste delivered to the Coroner offices. The government has not released any information on the identity of victims'.

Santa Cruz Island, the ship came to a diving excursion, located south west of California, Santa Barbara.

A total of 39 people - six crew members and 33 passengers, was on board, he said.

When the flame burst out around 3:15 pm Monday, and six crew members, watch and jump into the water. They were rescued by pleasure.

34 people on board was asleep below deck, the fire appears to have been stranded.

firefighters trying to extinguish a blaze was so strong that they could sail the boat and drowned. The reason of the accident is unknown.

The site belongs to the concept of true swimming, Santa Cruz Island, visiting a few diving spots returned Monday after a three-day trip.

In 1981, 46 people under the drapes for the Design After the disaster of 20 meters (m) island's northern coast.

A number of external and water-sports popular in the region.

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