Binjee Pakistan offers diverse and original digital content

infotainment world, moving at break neck speed, and the twenty-first century has played a key role in the development of digital content creators. Pakistan is a place on the plane; the original digital content has not yet caught on fire in the wild, but we're getting there. If he was not here (yet) to be satisfied with the original sites such as the outflow of Pakistan, Pakistan, content creators, and they have started to develop their own digital spaces.

Realizing the need for hours Rahimtoola, Qaiser Ali and Mohammed Kadhim Bhojani - almost ten years, Pakistan has become an integral part of the entertainment scene in the Binjee Pakistan's first platform for original content. There is a very high participation rate Qlinks, Nashpati Digital-based trio, a group of YouTube partners on a single and entertainment stores. Nashpati listened to the problems with the digital world, the team is now developing Binjee is working on it, and the next.

Raising some contact with the trio, has already issued a series of talk shows, their concept was brought up again.

"This is a new stage in the recession and shifts towards digital; things tonight, but it was not the people, and the industry is very interesting in the way that they should look forward to it", said lifting. "Over the years, many people have also become a part of its substance and allows you to make a lot of other people, but a little bit. We have an open mind and adapt to this environment, and this, then he will help them with a bag of international projects as a pregnancy, because I believe that we must take. "

After that began earlier this year, Binjee as digital marketing, it still is working. the site has a decent number of subscribers.

"We are a little nervous about the outcome, but I will not be content Pakistan from participation. I think that is great, and the audience will accept her," he said.

Binjee and directors come on board with their drafts, will be available on the Internet called the Clock Mulaqatein Kashif Nisar, has not focused. husband and wife, Noman Edjaz and featuring Zara Tareen, after a decision on their own ways, his life story is as follows.

The names of the other Nadeem Feed, Azfar Ali Nain Maniar, thu approval for the move.

has not yet been released Binjee project director Mehreen Jabbar, is working. However, the initiative Nashpati kept thinking about how the digital platforms, such as, "I came to Pakistan Box drafting. I think it will be a great opportunity for the world was moving toward digital platforms, such a platform, there are many in Pakistan."

Referring Bingee, as a gift, she added: "I have seen and what to apply, with something for all audiences, I think there's a mix of products will be healthy."

Search is on, Binjee Hashmi himself he hosts a show to be honest, to do good, and he was included in a shared; This was expected by an experienced team performance was seamless, and the direction Azfar [Ali] Bhai as well as that will not solve anything less than the best. "

"Their content is more diverse; this platform, there is something in each class, gender, age, and he meditated on the" Azfar, Nashpati expert, but he was able to implement their ideas and became a par with other leading digital rivals they say.

Some content is available on the website, but it is ready, but the team is still on Binjee could bear. They are, on the contrary, he put them all out, and they were for the first time before proceeding to test the ground, as well as the stability of the area will remain.

online platforms, and the main thing that in mind, we asked about the money in their plan.

"So far, Pakistan, the original digital content, there is no fixed formula for making money is shared", Rahimtoola, Qaiser and Kadhim. "However, in every place, which is, of course, Pakistan is an egregious reports, advertising, subscription and transaction until the transaction in Pakistan. India has experienced nothing, but it did. The product is a priority and pay for a certain number of Video. This distribution is being used in the new formula. Another is a lot; you distribute your content, the more chance. "

"Subscription and we are working with Telecom and legal sector, why is Binjee subscription is one of the main features, because you can not do, and they are not:" they continued. "There are a number of issues raised; Written questions on India's Netflix, as well as for the streaming sites, but each person has done it.

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