Azaan Sami Khan will be connected with the father, Adnan Sami Khan

Azaan Mahira Khan wrote music for the film flows and Sami Khan, Superstar, the BBC in London to promote the film, he recently gave an interview to the BBC Asian Network.

When we talk about family dynamics, Azaan "My mother was English, was opened; her parents were Hungarian. By the early 1940s, my father, he said:" he revealed.

Harun al-Rashid Adnan Sami and Zebee talking about the son of Bakhtiyar and the expectations that come with it as well, Azaan, said: "I thought about it. I'm not a good day to be here. This is, in fact, that is not the case, because it is part of me, "Ah, it's very difficult." The mass of advantages. "

due to the confrontation between India and Pakistan or Kashmir, Adnan Sami Khan to address the issue to be controversial, Azaan, my father, because he is very interesting to see what kind of a day, "he said. Usually, various items of news, After something has happened, and sometimes the case that there was complete silence. There was a lot of silence and respect. They said: "We, your parents, so we did not know what to say," I know they say I am feeling like him do not know. s to say, because I really, he is my father, because he never said that before, and I love him and respect him. "

 I chose to be. However, I have to go. Now it's my choice, has chosen to work with Pakistan."

Many friends in India, but in Pakistan with his family in India, noting that "I'm living, I spent teenage years," Azaan. "I love Parey Hut, Behold my mother and services, saliva ... there is so much pride.When grew up with, and for me, and I hope that will contribute to your home network and have the fame."

When asked about her relationship with the father, Azaan he talked, he and his father felt that good. "We've had very tested; We are still friends, and I like it, so I grew up with my mother. I want to go to a sermon. And we will be one month, but we sometimes do to each other, we just can not speak because the relationship is very interesting. I will not say where, I respect him, and a boy, and where it comes from, I do not think the comments of our parents, our land. We can offer a proposal, but it is as much, or Not even a place to tell them what to tell people. We have a very open What can we do, we have to be sound and transparent. "

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